About Valerie

Real Estate Agent, Certified Negotiation Expert, International Real Estate Specialist & Custom Homebuilder
Valerie Gerardi is a licensed real estate agent, Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE), International Real Estate Specialist (IRES) and licensed Custom Homebuilder. Her expertise within the real estate industry is diverse and comprehensive, allowing her to add significant value to the services she provides. Whether her clients require assistance buying or selling a local property, relocating to another area of world, or building the ideal custom home to meet their every need, Valerie has the in-depth knowledge, qualifications and experience to deliver the desired results.
A Brief History
Valerie’s entrance into the real estate sector was much more than chance or coincidence. It was the result of a family deeply rooted in the home construction industry, and a father who was a renowned homebuilder in the local community and a founding partner of Ideal Homes, Ideal Greenpark, Valley Park and Eden Oak Homes. From the young age of just 10, Valerie was known to help her father on building sites and perform various administrative tasks in the office. After completing her degree in Psychology and Business Administration at York University in Toronto, she further immersed herself in her father’s business and began to assist her husband, Angelo in his electrical company. Her passion for real estate, design and custom home development continued to grow.
Professional Accomplishments
In 2007, Valerie and Angelo founded Anvale Homes, a custom home development company serving the GTA. With a focus on quality, innovation and fine craftsmanship, Valerie and Angelo build homes according to their clients’ lifestyles, expectations, budget and future dreams. In 2013, Anvale Homes was recognized by the Building And Land Development Corporation (BILD) earning second best custom build in the GTA.
Valerie’s involvement on the building side of the real estate industry naturally evolved into a keen interest in the area of home sales and acquisitions. Recognizing the global nature of today’s real estate market, Valerie has not only acquired her local real estate license, but also her International Real Estate Specialist (IRES) designation. Too further assist her clients, Valerie acquired her Certified Negotiation Expert designation. Valerie has been specifically trained to handle the complexities associated with the negotiation process. Therefore, achieving better results, fewer days on market, greater satisfaction and higher net profits for her clients.
Due to her hard work in 2015, Valerie became the recipient of the President Gold Award for her real estate accomplishments.
How it All Ties in Together
Valerie’s unique experience is what enables her to provide perceptive, insightful and rewarding real estate services.
As a real estate agent, not only does she bring local market knowledge and advertising power to the table, but also a thorough comprehension of home construction including salability factors, quality of materials and level of workmanship.
As an international real estate specialist, Valerie delivers global focus, first-hand knowledge of the Florida real estate market and access to industry experts in other locations.
As a homebuilder, she provides instant access to valuable market information, a solid understanding of those elements that contribute most to market value, and an expert construction team whose top priority is quality workmanship and the development of innovative designs to fit specific lifestyles.
In every avenue of real estate, Valerie listens intently to the wants and needs of her clients. She works diligently to deliver solutions that are respectful of budget, representative of project requirements, and capable of meeting even the highest of expectations.