Global Real Estate

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Purchasing a property in another part of the world?
Expanding your real estate portfolio?

Whether your new purchase is for investment, vacation or relocation purposes, Valerie Gerardi can help.

International Real Estate

Valerie Gerardi is a certified International Real Estate Specialist. This means that not only can she assist you with your local real estate needs, but also those out of area. Acting as a consultant and advisor, Valerie helps you understand global markets, accurately value international properties and make intelligent real estate decisions.

Valerie provides infinite value to out-of-town buyers in the Greater Toronto Area. She helps new buyers understand the dynamics of different neighbourhoods, recognize which properties present the greatest value, and make sound real estate investment decisions in Canada.

The Florida Market

The record-low property prices in Florida have motivated Canadians to take advantage of the opportunity to grow their property investments, buy for retirement, or live the life of a “snowbird” during Canada’s cold winter months. Buying property out of town can be an overwhelming process but with the help of an International Real Estate Specialist, you can feel more comfortable with your purchase. Valerie not only brings her international real estate experience to the table, but also her hands-on knowledge of the Florida market and her network of professional contacts in the area.

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